Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 2-3: Apex, NC and Cousin Time

We stayed in Apex for the first 2 nights.  I got to visit my brand new baby cousin Emmet.

Emmet was the inspiration behind my adoption project.  I truly enjoyed this project and after the holidays, I will be trying to do this again!  Thanks #EmmetAnthony for your inspiration!

We visited the downtown Apex area and had an amazing lunch as well as fitting in a visit to the firs station as any good homeschool student should!

And how could we visit any town that has a train depot and not visit!  Duh!  Plus, this is a picture we have taken already so we had to replicate.

My cousin and I have never lived in the same state.  We try to see each other every year.  She has been a huge inspiration along with her son Emmet, in my crochet business.  We share a grandmother that was particularly amazing at crochet as well.  I am so grateful for her and my friendship with her!

Check out Day 1 post to catch up!

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