Saturday, July 11, 2015

Minion Crazy Coupon Code

Our family is crazy for the minions.  If you love minions, you know the movie is OUT!!!  This is exciting!  We have out plans already!

As a crocheter, I get to create these magical little laugh makers.  So, in honor of yesterday's movie release, I am offering a coupon code in my shop!  $10 off a $40 purchase!!!  Use the code MINIONCRAZY.  Take a look around and see my minion friends in there!! The code works on anything in the store so shop away and wear your minions to the movies.  Visit Rise N Shine Crochet to see what's hot!

Friday, July 10, 2015

And the winner is....

Find out who the winner of the $25 gift card to my Rise N Shine Etsy Shop is!!  Stay tuned.  More great stuff is coming.  Subscribe to my You Tube channel and learn crochet!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Something really cool happened today...

I am so excited!  I did an interview for a media blog and I was featured today!!  It is so exciting!!!  I know, the exclamation points are overwhelming...

Check out my interview on her blog and be sure to head over to my Facebook to enter my giveaway.

On a side note, I am finally starting my tutorials on You Tube.  I will be starting with some beginner stitches, so if you are new to crochet, subscribe to my channel and be sure to catch the first video as we start with beginning crochet!!

Not gonna lie...this is pretty fun!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Find out what I am GIVING AWAY!!!

I have been off the blogger grid for a few months but I am back!

Things have been crazy busy lately.  It is exciting to see my crochet world growing.  I have a few followers now and people who enjoy seeing my work.  I have decided to do a giveaway on my FACEBOOK page.  You can earn an entry by liking my page and you can earn another entry when you share it!!

What do you win????  Well, how about a $25 gift card to my Rise N Shine Crochet ETSY shop.  Come see what's there.  While you're visiting my Facebook page, if you see something on there that is not in my shop and you decide you want that item, for my blog readers ONLY, I will make a custom order and honor the giftcard!!!

Be a part of helping me grow my business!  I am going to be starting video tutorials on YouTube soon and will be posting these as well so if you want to learn to crochet, keep checking back!!