Thursday, January 28, 2016

Starting a New Trend

I have a bit of a personal blog to post so bear with me. I have a cousin who has been trying for years to get pregnant with no success. Here is their story. After exhausting all options, they have decided that adopting is their destiny. In an effort to help, I offered my profits from orders that were placed during a set time period. It turned out pretty well! I was amazed at the people that were offering to buy my items to help them on their way. It certainly kept me busy during the holiday season and really tested my abilities in making unfamiliar stitches and patterns. I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence in the process. But best of all, my gain was their gain as well. I have always wanted to use this business as a way to give back somehow. This was a small effort that has propelled down some unique and unexplored paths. This will be an ever-growing and changing plan.

This blog is going to be more focused on tutorials and crochet education. I am twirling many ideas and plans around, but going forward, I know, at the very least, it will be a place of learning for all! Have any things you would like to see? I'll make tutorial videos and post them. I will start with simple stitches and then work through more difficult stitches and combinations!

On a fun note, I bought my first set of new hooks since I started.  I was working on a brand new project (see picture below) and I was wanting to dive in head first!  Every crochet page and blog I follow was recommending these Clover Hooks!  These  Like butta! Just had to share in case anyone was looking for hooks!