Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This is what you do when you have no more orders!

I run a crochet business.  That means I make money when I have crochet orders.  But what happens during slow seasons when I have no orders?

Creations!!  That's what happens.  Let's face it.  I am only one person and I can't crochet 24 hours a day.  When I have a lot of orders coming in, I can't create or try new things.  Call me the random crocheter, but I crochet whatever people ask me for.  If I'm busy with orders, I don't get a chance to try new things.  There is a sort of relief when there is a little lull in orders.  Don't get me wrong!  I want and LOVE orders.  I will work my butt off to seek them out.  But the lull...it's like dawn on the farm.  All is quiet and my brain is firing all it's happy synapses!

What do I do with all the time?  I spend a lot of time looking through patterns which I save for this lull that happens once in a while and I finally get the chance to try all the stuff  that I, at one time many moons ago, thought would be amazing!  How could I tell until I tried it?

I know it sounds counter-productive, but really, I enjoy the chance to test.  Some day I might even try my hand at writing up one of the patterns I try to create.  There are so many ways to crochet and so many concepts to try that I have new ideas flowing though my head all the time!

If I had all day, every day, to just work on crochet...well...

It's a process!