Wednesday, June 15, 2016

See What a Surprise I got in My Email

One of the families has emailed me back with the most amazing news!

Their baby was born June 6, 2 months early, and the birth mom has already signed the papers.  They have a brand new baby boy!!!
She has chosen a baby fox and diaper cover set!  I have chosen to combine patterns.  I liked the Sly as a Fox hat better but I am using the Croby Patterns diaper cover.  I am really excited to make this set. 
I will post pictures as I make it.  Congratulations!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Adoption Stories to Warm your Heart

After my initial announcement of my adoption project. Several people emailed me and I received responses from adoption agencies that shared my story.  I wanted to read a few of these stories as I am completely unable to choose. If you want to read about the adoption project, you can read the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT blog that tells you all about it! Without further ado, I present you the first round of adoption stories!!

Here are some of the items I am offering and each family can choose which one they want!
Links to the patterns for items to choose:

5.  Diaper Cover and Beanie Set (Sports themed) 

6.  Hat and Bootie Set ( Can be made for a boy without bow.)

Visit me on FACEBOOK!  Please share this with everyone and anyone that may be involved with adoptions and/or foster care!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Rise N Shine Crochet Goes International!

I just have a quick note for you if you're following the Mila project.  The Mila hats are spreading!

Mila is big in Italy and an article was written to advertise them and help get the word out!  Check this out!!  (You have to translate the page if you don't speak Italian.)  My daughter/Mila hat model is all excited that she's now internationally known!  Fun times!

Stop over and see the article HERE!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

UPDATE on the Mila Project

Its official!  The Mila hat is up for sale!

Get your exclusive Mila hat!  Message me direct through my FaceBook page and be part of this awesome and unique project.  The details for this project are in my What's Happening Now blog.

I have to say, I always though this movie was such a cool project.  When I saw the first trailer for it, my daughters and I cried!  But now, I am actually a tiny part of it and I feel even deeper about it.  I feel blessed to get to be involved in some little way.  When I think of war, the first people I think of are the soldiers followed shortly by their families.  But the children!  I never think of what a war looks like to a child.  We have studied the Civil War this year in our homeschool and this was the last war fought on American soil.  It is abstract to think of those children running their own farms while their fathers were away fighting; or sadly enough, fighting in the war itself!

Europe has seen an enormously large number of wars.  Mila's little face really hits home.  I imagine my little, innocent girls witnessing war and its destruction and it makes me so sad.

I say all this because I love this cause.  I love what it means and I am truly in love with this movie!

Help support Mila and get a really cool hat in the process!  Not gonna lie! I love this hat!! And when I get a chance, after I make the ones that are on order now, I will be making one for myself!