Saturday, May 28, 2016

What's Happening Now?

Last week I made the big announcement that I will be adding a service project to Rise N Shine Crochet to serve families that have or will be adopting.  I have been in contact with several adoption agencies and been all over the social media world resulting in new contacts and lots of response!  I have several stories I will be sharing this coming week from a few families!  My heart is so happy.  In the midst of all this, a long-time friend of mine reached out and asked if I would like to participate with some fundraising for her project as well that falls right in line with the path my service project is taking.  Let me introduce you to Mila!!

Here is the director, Cinzia Angellini's description:
Mila is a CG animated short about a little girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during WWII. It’s rare that animation takes on serious, complex matters such as War. Still, I believe animation is the perfect medium to tell this story set in my hometown, Trento (Italy). Mila is the story of a girl and two women during Trento’s bombing in 1943. I wanted to tell a war story not centered on armies, soldiers, generals, battle plans. I wanted to talk about civilians, and especially the children. The girl who inspired me to create this movie was a child during WWII. That girl is my mother.
- Cinzia Angelini, Director


All of the people working on this film are volunteering!  The collaboration worldwide seems impossible but they all bring it together selflessness, dedication, and a common goal.

My long-time friend of <ahem> years, Andrea Emmes, is the producer for this film and as part of her job, she is fundraising.  They have managed to get UNICEF to partner with them!  How amazing is that!!  Unicef works with children around the world adoption, fostering, emergency humanitarian services, and a multitude of other life changing acts.  Imagine the war torn countries for current children.  Pretty awful.  Now imagine them, as Mila.  I have always believed everything happens for a reason and God's plan will play out.  By reaching out regarding service to adoption, I am now able to help here too!  

I am making  Mila's cute little newsboy hat you see in the video.  I have completed one already and I will be posting pictures and video soon.  You can also purchase these through me if you would like and I will give all the profit to Mila.  You can also DONATE here.  Visit the website for more information on Mila!

This story is worth telling.  Children have such a small voice in this world.  I am thrilled at the direction my plan is heading and grateful that God is taking control of this for me.  It really is taking on a life of its own!  Please share.  SHARE!!!  I mean just look how cue she is!

FaceBook: Mila
Website: Mila
YouTube: Some great videos further depicting their project and goals.


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