Monday, May 23, 2016

Big Announcement!!!

I have been working at crochet and blogging for a little while now.  I must admit, it has only been scattered and half-hearted.  But my intentions were there. What were my intentions?

I started off with basic selling of items.  I made a few items and people liked them, so they bought them.  Simple.  I was learning and trying new things and I was making a little money while enjoying my hobby.  Then I decided to begin a blog and try to reach out a little in the crochet world. Tutorials had become an option.  I thought maybe teaching others would be a way I could help and serve others, but I have yet to get a great setting for this and it just wasn't working. Then I was led to try to use my crochet to give back.  This was harder than you think.  I wanted to do fundraisers but it is really hard to make a significant amount of money to give when you are one person.  I teamed with other people, but this proved to be quite an undertaking.  So where has this left me?

I have a cousin who is adopting and it has left a soft spot on my heart.  Here is their story! I have decided...I am going to crochet for adoption!  What does that look like?  Well, knowing myself and my mastered skill of "Oh LOOK!  A chicken!", I am certain this path is going to change.  A lot!  But this is what it will look like for now.  

I would like to start making and donating items for families that are adopting or have adopted.  If you know a family adopting or has adopted that could use a gift, please send me their story!  For now, as this is just me, I will pick one story each week and send them a crochet item.  I will post either a picture of one I have made or a link to the pattern below so you can choose an item.  I am not sure how this will all play out.  All I ask is for patience. Please share this with friends and family who may know someone.  

You can email your stories to  This is where I will choose from.

I am really excited about this because it has been my goal to start to use my crochet as a way to reach out and give back.  I have always felt like I was meant to serve in some way and I truly love crochet. My grandmothers were such a huge part of my desire to crochet.  I believe with all my heart that God gifted this skill to me so now I would like to use it for something great!

Take a look at what I will be offering for now.  When you send your email, let me know which item you are interested in.  I promise I will do my best!  Due to cost and time investment, I will not be doing blankets at this time.  I would like to keep the projects smaller so I can accomplish more of them.  Maybe someday down the line, I will team up with others who would be willing to participate!

Come check out my FaceBook page as well for pictures of a lot of my completed projects.  

Links to the patterns for items to choose:

5.  Diaper Cover and Beanie Set (Sports themed) 

6.  Hat and Bootie Set ( Can be made for a boy without bow.)

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