Saturday, March 26, 2016

Things I wish I knew When I Began to Crochet

I knew when I found out I was having a boy, I wanted to make him a blanket.  I already had 2 girls and I never really learned to crochet for them, but this time, I was going to learn.  So I took to learning from YouTube!  I dreamed of single crochets and double crochets for months.

One day, we were having lunch at a local restaurant and walked by a table full of ladies.  I happened to glance in a open bag.  I wasn't snooping, it was wide open!  Okay, I know that's weird, but something caught my eye.  It was a gigantic crochet blanket.  When I looked around the table, I saw all the ladies were working on crochet projects.  Turned out, they were a crochet club.  I did go back a few times and sit with them, working on my lopsided and all kinds of crooked baby blanket.  They gave me bits of advice, but really, I think they felt sorry for my son's gift.

It was a rough start.  Not gonna lie.  But I did eventually get that blanket finished about 2 weeks before he was born.  It will serve as my reminder that when you practice, you can get better.  I have progressed immensely since those days.

I wish I learned:
1.  How to count my stitches.  My start may not have been so rough had I taken the time to count.
2.  Just because the stitch is big and it works up quick, doesn't mean it is the right stitch.
3.  Yarn matters.  Cheaper is not always better.
4.  The hook matters! See #3.
5.  Read the pattern before you make the project.  Do I really need to explain this?  Let's just say, it is really important to know how much yarn you will need.
6.  If you're not sure, YouTube!
7.  Not all patterns are created equal.
8.  There is a coupon for everything.  Be patient, and when the coupons come out, stock up baby!
9.  ALWAYS....ALWAYS...ALWAYS bring yarn, hook, and don't forget the scissors.
10.  Be patient.  If there is a question about the level of patience, refer to 1-9!!!

Practice is the key.  It isn't easy.  It can be frustrating.  When all else fails, step AWAY for the CROCHET!  You can always come back later.

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