Friday, March 11, 2016

The Troubles of a Crocheter

I tried out this pattern to make.  I really haven't been very big on making clothes.  But things have been slow lately so I am trying out some of the patterns I have been collecting.  This turned out to be way better than I anticipated.

Somethings I have issues with when crocheting keeping accurate count.  The major downfall of all MUST. KEEP. COUNT!  But, alas, I have 3 children whom I homeschool, I work at home, and I have a house to run.  Life gets distracting to say the least.  This means projects get set aside for a day or so and I lose track of what I was doing or it means I work on projects late a night when I am exhausted.  This leave lots of room for mistakes which I often make.  In this case, things worked out well.  The project worked up quickly and I happened to have little distraction.

I used Red Heart Soft Rose and Red Heart Soft SeaFoam.  The yarn is smooth and doesn't have that scratchy feel that acrylic yarn usually, especially for baby's skin.

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