Sunday, March 13, 2016

Small Successes

I am so over the moon excited at the places that my little crochet world is going.  I have been doing a lot of marketing to try to get my name out there and with little to no knowledge of social media marketing, this can pose a challenge.  Let go backwards for a minute.

Crochet is a passion.  It turned out to be one that made a little money for me.  As time has gone on, my goals have changed from wanting to sell my work, to wanting to teach my craft.  This requires social media and a knowledge of its viral capabilities.  I have watched countless webcasts, some that just wasted my time.  I have read countless blog, also some that were not quite useful. But I have learned and implemented lots of trial and error.  Its a process.

Now, I have reached hundreds and hundreds.  I need to reach thousands and thousands.  So I will keep on plugging and learning and trying and "error-ing".

In the meantime, I was featured on marketing page that reaches many more than I reach!  Vendors of the World featured me this weekend!  Little successes mean a lot.  The more people I reach, the more I can do.  It has been my goal for a while to get tutorial videos out on my YouTube Channel.  Please go and subscribe so you can be a part of my channel and see the tutorials as they come out.  I am going all out now.  Determined to start this new leg of my crochet journey.

It is all a process.  A lot of learning.  A ton of research.  But quite satisfying.

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