Sunday, February 28, 2016

And the Winner is...

I DID IT!!!!  I reached 500 likes on Facebook!

Am I overreacting?  Maybe!? But it feel like a milestone to me!  I was really excited when people started liking my work.  The name Rise N Shine Crochet is getting out there.  This makes me happy.  I am expanding my product line and therefore my skills.  I have a few tutorials on YouTube!  Here is the link for a basic single crochet.  Here is the video for a basic double crochet.

I ran a giveaway on my Facebook page for reaching 500 like!  I am giving away bootcuffs. I was so happy when I saw the number of people who responded!  As soon as I passed 500, I did the giveaway!  See the WINNER here.  Please like and share so I can keep spreading the word!

Last, but not least, THIS is my next crochet purchase.  As yarn guide.  When I get to crocheting for a few hours, it will be nice to have something to do some of the work for me!

Off to make dishcloths.