Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 1: Two Adults, Three Kids, and 10 Hours

We started the day at 6:30 with one of our shortest drives...10 hours.  Sleepy eyes, smiling faces, and hope floats!

The goal for this drive was I was going take a picture at every state line.  Stay tuned to see my...successes?

Us...being nerdy!

The drive is about 9 hours plus stop time.  Considering we have a 3-yr-old, we anticipated taking a lot longer.  But with stops, we made it to our first stop, my cousin's house in Apex, NC, in 10 hours!  The kids worked on their travel journals.  The oldest finished every activity in the journal in about 2 hours.  The middle child kept asking if she had to do any more "school"!

I, on the other had, was finishing the gift for my brand new baby cousin Emmet #emmetanthony. Stop over to my FaceBook to see this adorable video of his gift!

So Day 1 was completed with no incidents and everyone made it in ONE piece and really happy!

Stay tuned for more adventure!

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