Saturday, March 28, 2015

How Does One Find a Crochet Niche?

I live in Florida.  I know this causes not-so-nice thoughts to develop in the minds of the ones covered in snow, but Florida life says it is 90 degrees and it is only March!!!  YUCK!  What is summer gonna slither into???

That leads me to the point of this post.  What can I crochet now?  Scarves and hats are out, so here is my crochet confession!  I have a small obsession with barefoot baby sandals!  I just think they are the cutest little thing on baby feet.  I have made a few for customers as well.  I found these on Repeat Crafter Me.  As far as crocheting them myself, these have been my favorite to make.

I am also looking at all these crazy fun headband patterns and I get to wishing I was a pattern maker.  I really should learn how.  I am new to this adventure of crochet and I am a little scared, if I'm being honest, to have a go at writing a pattern!

I would love to see all the "off the beaten path" crocheting people have done.  I have been getting lost in my own pins on Pinterest and I have certainly wasted my fair share of time on other people's crochet blogs.

What is your niche?


  1. I love crochet! I taught myself when I was 16. There are so many possibilities with a crochet hook and some yarn. It's a bit intimidating at first, but you might try some simple doilies. And, yes, here in Maine, I would love to see any temp above 40 degrees!

  2. My grandmothers were the doili queens! I love headbands and baby sandals right now. My absolute favorite is hats. All types of hats. But it is 90 degrees here in Florida and I am a small timer so I really only have a local market! Ha!!