Friday, March 13, 2015

I Want to Crochet! Where Do I Begin?

Dear Fellow Crochet Lover,

I am beginning a journey and I want to join forces.

Long, LONG dear, sweet grandmother, armed with beautiful yarn and shiny hooks, made every attempt to lure me to the world of crochet.  No dice.  But around the age of 36, I became pregnant with our 3rd child and 1st boy.  My grandmothers were screaming from heaven that I needed to try again.  With the skills I vaguely recalled from their efforts and of course the assistance of good ole' fashioned You Tube, I taught myself to crochet!  (Don't know how to do something?  Watch You Tube!)

I made a blanket for my baby boy.  It was an AWFUL blanket, but I made it and was very proud.  It also sparked me in a way I didn't know was possible.  I delved in a little further and became...HOOKED!

My journey is to do what I love.  I want to teach, to create, and to enjoy the world of crochet.  I have seen thousands upon thousands of people sharing their crochet lives, so here it begins.  Let's see where it goes!  Feel free to comment with your favorite blogs or videos and how you began your crochet life!

Happy Crocheting!!!


Rise N Shine Crochet Founder

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