Sunday, March 15, 2015

Minion Crazy Crochet

Let me start off by saying, I am thrilled that my work is noticed and the bonus being, people have purchased it.  Not just any people...not my mom or aunt!  But people that don't even know me!  It is as big a compliment as I could get.  There was a problem though!

I had been selling items locally through a resale page on Facebook.  I also listed my items on Etsy.  Of course, I think I went almost a year before anyone even looked in my shop much less bought anything.  Then, the miracle of all miracles, someone bought an item!  Things sort of took off from there.  So what was the problem?  Everyone bought the same item!! Now, everyone loves a minion, but making the same item over and over was really beginning to stifle my creativity and love of my hobby!  I needed to get back to my love of the craft.  I started an Art Fire Studio as well.

That is why I began to blog.  I am hoping by writing about crochet, I can inspire myself and teach others as well.  I am by no means and expert, but I have a few things I could spread out to the crochet world.  I am enjoying reading other's blogs and seeing the ideas people have as well.  Please come see Rise N Shine Crochet on Facebook!  Leave a comment and spread the inspiration!

What am I working on now?  Well, my daughter has been begging me to make her something.  I have been so busy making Minion scarves that I couldn't seem to find the time to make my kids anything.  I am working on some wrist warmers for her right now.  Downside?  She wanted minions.  Guess I'm stuck with blue and yellow yarn a little longer.  At least it isn't a scarf, right?  I also have this fascination with barefoot baby sandals.  I have some really cute patterns for other versions and have made a few.  These will be my next attempt.

Off to the hooks!  Inspiration for today has begun!

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